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Complimentary Insurance Coverage


- Third Party Liability Insurance

Oasis Car Rental includes mandatory Mexico Third Party Liability insurance with up to 3,000,000 pesos worth of coverage. This essential insurance covers damage to other people's vehicles or property, ensuring legal compliance and financial protection. Best of all, it's provided at no extra cost to you!


- Collision Insurance

Our Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) coverage ensures you're covered for 90% of any damage to your rental vehicle, with only a 10% deductible. Please note that minor scratches or dents are not covered by CDW; however, your deposit covers those. Again, this coverage is included in your rental at no additional cost.


Additional Insurance

Loss Damage Waiver (LDW)

For those seeking extra assurance, we offer Loss Damage Waiver (LDW) coverage. With LDW, you're fully covered for 100% of the vehicle you're responsible for, and there's a 0% deductible, providing total protection during your rental period. LDW is available for just $20 USD per day for standard cars and $30 USD per day for large SUVs.



It's important to note that certain items are not covered by any insurance, including windshields, traffic tickets, lost keys, and negligence. We recommend reviewing our rental agreement for full details on coverage and exclusions.Drive with confidence knowing Oasis Car Rental has you covered every mile of the way.

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